The new season kicks off in high gear as our Major League and Major League Reserve has their first fixture this Saturday against Athlone @ Atlone...what a way to start the season!!  Good Luck guys, let’s keep the great momentum going from last year and win the League this year !!

The Juniors and other Senior sides only start their games from next week onwards, good luck to you too. Show them what Bothasig is all about !

We have recently had our AGM and we are proud to say that most of our Committee Members made themselves available again. We had to say good bye to our Club Captain, John De Gois, who has stepped down due to work commitments.  Thank you for the work you have done, the Club really appreciates it.  Howard Mancini was voted in as the Club Captain in John’s position. Elani Smith also stepped down as Secretary due to family commitments, but has stayed on as an additional member.  Barbara Kalp was voted in as Secretary.  Thank you to both Barbara and Howard for joining the Committee.

The juniors have all new age groups this year, consisting of 10&Under, 12&Under, 15&Under and 18&Under. Although tough on some ages, I’m sure the players will step up to the plate. Good luck guys. 

Registrations forms are available at the club on any training night from the Committee upstairs.  Please note that a R200 registration fee is required when handing in the form, which will be deducted off your subs for the season.

Subs for the Season are R400 for all Juniors and Students and R500 for all Seniors

Training nights for the Juniors are Wednesday’s and Friday’s from 17:30. The Seniors train on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 17:30. Games are played on Saturdays.


Sports Fans !!

Good afternoon Sports Fans!

I trust this mail finds you very well this afternoon...take a seat, coffee and enjoy!

Todays mail will contain some very important dates that I would like all our members, young and old, to diarize immediatley.

Well...what a great two weeks of baseball it has been!! We have seen some very good baseball by all of our squads over the past two weeks...and the spectator crowds...awesome stuff!

Firstly, I would like to Congratulate ALL the Junior Teams and the Coaches for the great scores coming through to me...your dedication to the game of baseball is fantastic and I wish you all the very best of luck for your last few games of the season!

We have truly seen some of the best baseball skills in our junior ranks this season as I am sure you will agree...

To our Junior Teams, please continue to work hard, listen to your coaches and most of all...enjoy the sport of baseball! You have all had a fantastic season...we are all so PROUD of you!
Our Senior Teams, continue day by day, to make us as proud as ever...our journey this season has been a fantastic one! The spectator support that has been shown and visable on our game days is nothing short of fantastic! On behalf of the Bothasig Baseball Club, I would like to thank each and every one of you for this! 

We have posted a few more photos on our website ( and FaceBook page (Bothasig Baseball Club) for you to have a look at in the Gallery section. Please dont forget, as we are nearing the end of the season, that if you need player photos done to please make contact with our photographer, Anthony Snyman this Saturday at the game. Anthony is also on FaceBook under "Anthony Snyman Photography".

We welcome Mr Anthony Moses from Africa Sky Homes to our Banner Wall Family...Anthony has had his banner made by us and will be installed shortly on the back fence of our main A field diamond this week. Thank you Anthony for your support to our Club.

I would also like to welcome and thank Mr.Sean Gehlig from Formula Autos and Inspectacar for his Company signage on the home dugout of the A diamond. Please contact Sean for all your motor vehicle enquiries! Thanks again Sean! (Parents: Please inform all players that no ball sports will be permitted in the immediate areas of these advertizing boards)

I have also had discussions with the District Watch Security Group, as well Oxbow SA (Xerox) in regards to possible sponsorships for the club. I will provide you all with feedback once clarity has been received in this regard. We have also had discussions with the De Beers Group in regards to thick Conveyor Belting that will be laid and installed into our batting cages; bullpens; toss drill nets and dugouts. This will ensure will protect our players boots and cleats in the long term. More as we go along in this regards....

Once again, I call on all interested parties that would like to sponsor; contibute and invest in our teams to please make contact with me that we may meet and discuss. The club has a host of marketing and branding opportunities available. I look forward in hearing from you...

I have, within the past two days, been approached by a large European Baseball tabloid and website Company, that will be interviewing me on the Bothasig Baseball Club, our teams and Senior Teams. The podcast is expected to be approx 50-60 min long and I will ensure this is uploaded on our website once released by them.

On behalf of the Bothasig Baseball Club, we would like to congratulate all our players that have been selected to represent Western Province at our National Tournament in Durban in April 2014. Please continue to train and apply your baseball skills to the game, keep fit and learn as much as possible from your Coaches during your training sessions.

A Special word of encouragement and well wishes to all our under 15 Bothasig Baseball Club players that have been selected to the WP Team for Durban....your tour this year is going to be very special...train hard and keep your conditioning, listen very carefully to your coaches and they will prepare you very well for Nationals...

Very important dates to remember please:-

1) 05th April 2014 : 40th Anniversary Gala Evening...this is a very special evening for our club and we would like all members to be part of this fantastic evening! Please contact Amalia Ferreira (Club Treasurer) in this regard. A truly very special evening will be had by all...please support this very worthy evening!
 2) 21st-23rd March 2014 : BAWP Senior Playoffs (3 game series playoff) - this will see the top 4 Major League Teams in the BAWP League playing a 3 match series against each other to qualify for the Play Off Finals!  (As it currently stands, with two more league games to play against Crusaders, the Bothasig Baseball Club will, in all likelyhood, play against Athlone A's at the Abe Sher Stadium on these dates). ...if indeed so, I would like all of you to please bring as much support with you to the grounds on these days. This will most certainly be huge games for our boys on the days! ...more info to follow in the weeks to come...
 3) 28th - 30th March 2014 : BAWP Senior Play Off "Finals"...more detail to be provided in due course.

This weekend sees the majority of our Teams play against Crusaders at our home ground at the Abe Sher Stadium, De Boerin Road, Bothasig. May I please request that we continue to support our Teams as we have been throughout this season...

Good luck Teams !!


Play-Offs - Semi Final

Good afternoon all,

Having put a fantastic League Season of Baseball behind them, the Bothasig Knights Major League Baseball Team will take to the field this Friday in the Play Off Semi Finals (3 Games), to be hosted at the Abe Sher Sports Complex, De Boerin Road, Bothasig.

Game (1) Friday 21 March 2014 - 15h00
Game (2) Saturday 22 March 2014 - 15h00
Game (3) Sunday 23 March 2014 - 12h30 (if required)

This is a personal invitation from the Marketing & PRO Team of the Bothasig Baseball Club to come and watch some of the best baseball yet to be played this Season!
One of our Sponsors, South African Sport Imports (SASI) will be at the grounds at approx 14h30 on Friday with all new 2014 baseball stock!
Enjoy a great afternoon of baseball and support a fantastic Club on the day!

I look forward to seeing you all at the grounds and to support our boys!

Little Bit Of Everything !!

Good morning Sports Fans!

I trust you have all survived this wild heat-wave that we have been sitting with!

This is going to be a crazy and exciting email this morning , so please take time to read it and diarise all the goodies in it…it will be life changing!

This past Saturday:

All our Teams did extremely well against the opposition and good to see so much good hitting! …Lets carry this into our next few games!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Chad Pearson (under 14) for hitting three consecutive HOME RUNS in his game against Silvertree…also to “TJ” Hill (u14) for his Home Run during the same game..Well done Guys!

We also give a shout out to Nicholas Eagles (Major League Reserve Team) ; Dwayne Feldtman and Benjamin Smith for the awesome Home Runs they hit in the Major League Teams game!

We applaud our Masters Team once again hitting huge this past weekend! …make us proud Manne! You have had a great season this far, please continue on the road to success this year!

Please check out the BAWP website for the updated logs and League Positions etc , which I seem to think reflects every Wednesday… ( . I will try and get a log update per age group through to you all by the weekend via email…

This Saturday (22nd Feb 2014) “…May the Force be with YOU!

This weekend marks probaly the biggest game of the season and in the history of the Bothasig Baseball Club…!

The majority of our Teams play the Bellville Tygers at home at The Abe Sher Sports Complex, De Boerin Road, Bothasig.

Our Major League Team goes head-to head with the current Champions, the Bellville Tygers in the closest league tussle that the Bothasig Baseball Club has seen in many years!

A decisive match for the Bothasig Knights where a win over the Tygers will see them in a very advantagous points position in the league…with only a few games to go…could this be the year that the Bothasig Baseball Club takes the league …and on the 40th Anniversary of the Club!...only time will tell!

We ask of all of you, our members, friends, family, supporters and fans to please turn up in your masses to come and support our Teams on the day! It is truly going to be a day of exciting baseball and tears for some…!

A further invite, from me, to all our young baseball girls and boys to please come through and watch the Major League game scheduled for 15h45…you will be watching the best baseballers in South Africa playing some of the best baseball you will see for a long time. (Parents – will truly be great to see you at the ballpark!)

To our players, Coaches and Team Members, we are expecting a lot of media representation on the day, including photographers, local community newspapers and reporters…so please wear your club kit with pride, remember your club guidelines and respect to the visitors to our club on the day.

To our friends and Supporters, continue your Positive Encouragement to our Teams, that being our Junior and Senior Teams!  Let us keep the positive energy that has been felt so strongly this season and the journey that our teams have undertaking…let us continue to support them!

Sandra will be sending out the fixtures later this week to you, so please diarise and see you at the club on the day.

From our Chairman Mr Tommie Norman: - “I am so very proud of all our Teams thus far in our season, please let us support all our Teams on this fantastic day and paint the grounds “Green”!

Bothasig Baseball Club Marketing 2014/15 Opportunities:-

I have a total of 33 projects that I would still like to complete before the start of the new 2014/15 season, most of the projects are affiliated to our junior teams...can I please ask all members that may be able to sponsor one of my club projects or can put me in touch with accurate and dedicated interested sponsors to please drop me a line via email or get me at the club.

I am sure you will agree that we have created such a fantastic presence within the BAWP community and am sure our sponsors and investors would be happy to spend “Quantity” Monies on “Quality” Sports Men and Women!

Let’s continue to build the brand in the next 4-6 months and who knows…perhaps we will graced with some true International visitors sooner than expected… “Laugh out loud / eye wink / thumbs up” 

At this stage this is truly vital to me and would appreciate all support in this regard.

I am proud to announce that we have received some much needed ground equipment from the Be Beers Group that has started arriving at our club. Our sincere thanks to De Beers and Summit Cranes for there continued support to our club.

We would also like to thank our new Major League kit sponsors SASI (South African Sport Imports) and new JHB and International Brand Sponsor “Liqui Moly” for the sponsorship of the new white body fit match tops, which I am sure you will see fairly shortly on the ball park.

Additional Sponsorship and Branding opportunities available from the Bothasig Baseball Club Marketing Department:-

 ·         The sponsorship and naming rights to one or all of our Baseball Teams (Senior and/or Junior Teams)

·         The sponsorship and naming rights of match kit / playing tops / branded t-shirts / caps / baseball    


·         The branding of our player dugouts on our Major League field.

·         Banners and banner flags / roll-ups / feather banners / flags / branded gazebo’s / branded chairs etc

·         Visible branding in our canteen area, clubhouse and bar area.

·         Brand Activations on site during match days and/or our Sponsorship evenings

·         Your full visible branding of our inward facing perimeter boundary walls (+/- 500 m)

·         The handing out of designed stickers, bumper stickers and sticker packs.

·         The sponsorship and construction of an indoor training facility, hosting batting cages, pitching lanes and
          gym area

·         Brand visibility of our media sites, Website, Facebook, Twitter

·         Any further promotional and marketing briefs that may be discussed between us.

·         A full media tabloid article will be published in our community newspaper and 2-3 online-media sites where the Bothasig Baseball Club has coverage at present.

The Bothasig “Old Boys” Club

I am very happy and sincerely proud to announce the launch of the Bothasig Baseball “Old Boys Club
With the kind and generous assistance of Deserae Fortune, we have officially started the Bothasig Old Boys Club. This club has been started as the pure result of the pressure from all our old boys that have visited our grounds over the past few months! So good to see all of them all at the Bothasig Baseball Club!
We welcome you all with open arms!

The club fraternity  is for ALL old baseballers within South Africa, who played in the same SA Squad / Provincial Team/ played for the same club  / team etc. We would like to bring all these players together that we can get them reunited and chatting about the old days of baseball and the very fond memories they hold so dear to there heart!

We also need to hand these memories down to our young ones and juniors, meet some of the great baseballers of yester year and listen to the stories of great baseball.

So please help me in giving Deserae Fortune as much help as possible in contacting the players and friends of baseball. It is our intention to host the club monthly, breakfast chats, evenings once a month at the club, go through photos, newspaper articles and revive the history of baseball in the Western Cape and further..

Deserae Fortune has been on the project since last week already and will be at the grounds this Saturday to start getting names / contact numbers etc..if you have any persons you may know that we may contact please make contact with Deserae on 0794938348 or via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   We have invited some very special old boys to our club on Saturday to watch our Super Match of the Day!

May I please ask that we extend our Bothasig Baseball Club hospitality and assistance in anything they might require on the day…they are now part of our family and history.

2013-14 Club Team Photos / Club Committee Photos / SASI Member photos

I have arranged that the majority of these will be taken this weekend. These Photos will be taken before the start of the scheduled matches and whilst the match kit is still “clean”. Please can we ensure all our players are in attendance with your coaches on the day. The coaches will be briefed prior to match day in regards to this. All photos will be taken at the Bothasig Baseball Dome located close to the u10 field.

All players to be dressed accordingly in strict Bothasig baseball gear please. (we will make it happen don’t worry folks!) 

Coaches will be briefed accordingly.

Some important dates to remember and become part of:-

09th March – Softball Fundraising Day ***Support this Event Please***Ref: Sharon

05th April – 40th Anniversary Gala and Awards Evening ***Support this Event Please***Ref: Amalia

April 2014 – Event to be be announced shortly…

April / May 2014 – National Baseball Championships (Durban)

August 2014 – SA u15 Tour to Mexico

...further details to follow once officially released. closing I would just to like to wish all our players a fantastic day on the ballpark, play hard but play fair, train hard and apply yourself 100% during your training...Coaches, prepare our players well as only you know how...we will support you on the day!

 Good luck all, dont forget the "Green" day and oh yes...bring on the "Cheer Leaders" !!! (Wink Wink)

  ...until Saturday folks!

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